Single-player Mode Added

We are gladly to announce that now you can play Rhythm Housewife on your own. 

The single-player mode was added in this update. It supports keyboard controls as well as PlayStation 4 controllers.

Keyboard controls for single-player:

WASD to move

E to interact.

PS 4 controls for single-player:

Joystick to move

Circle to interact

Other bug fixes include:

Fixed the bug that player climbs the ladder while moving could cause drifting away from the ladder.

Fixed the bug that player climbs up the ladder could get them stuck.

Removed the colliders to block players to explore the environment outside the house, now players can go for a stroll in the game.

Fixed audio decompression failures occasionally on computers with Windows system.

Had other minor fixes to smooth the interactions.

Keep the melody going,

Rhythm Housewife Team

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Jun 04, 2019

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