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This was so cool! Low stress on the player's end, you look around and catch the sometimes funny, sometimes gloomy conversations happening around you, and can look down at a digitally inserted phone to catch any lines you might've missed.  
I had a blast looking around at all the architecture of the apartment buildings and the interior New Years decorations in the food courts, what an interesting way to explore other places :3!
A good game to grab some food and a drink for^^

Haha I would say so too. Thanks for playing!

Sebastian from Now Play This festival here. Congrats on this really cool project - @Yuxin Gao do you have an email I can reach you at? You can also email me at - thanks!


This was really interesting! Somehow both relaxing and stressful... It was a good way to get a glimpse into the challenging work of being a courier in Beijing, especially during the early days of COVID-19 lockdown uncertainty! Thanks for sharing this with the world!

Cool! Thanks for the comment. What was the part that’s stressful for you?

Being in the point of view of a courier is a bit stressful for me; the time constraints, the vulnerability of being in a scooter in traffic, not knowing exactly where to go, etc. It just seems like a difficult and somewhat thankless job. The peaceful moments, the soundtrack, and the cute interface on the text bubbles helped counterbalance it though!

I see! Thanks!

Pretty fascinating! I found this a thoroughly enjoyable tour, and I really appreciated the way the dialogue was presented. Very nicely immersive and an easy recommendation!

hey thanks!

Cool screenshot, I'd adore if there could be more screenshots/youtube-trailers or lets-play/walkthrough-parts, optionally that game available on browser could be possibly handled by my device (slightly even lags in webgames too).


I worked as a courier (but not in Beijing) and really appreciated this ridealong. Something about taking in the experience without commentary or even shot framing really grabbed me. A moment in time, like but unlike so many others.

Thank you Berv for enjoying the ride!